1. Any American made car with stock wheelbase of, at least, 106 inches.

2. All glass, chrome, plastic, mirrors, door handles, and flammable material must be removed.

3. Doors must be welded or bolted shut.

4. Body panels must stay stock as possible; factory steel roof on all cars. Hood, trunk, and driver’s door must be on car at all times.

5. Must have complete floorboard and firewall – all holes must be filled with sheet metal.

6. ROLL-CAGE – Must be frame-mounted, with at least 6-points, with 3 or more bars on driver’s side and 2 or more bars on passenger side.
  • Bars within driver’s reach must be padded.
  • Bars may protrude through firewall, but must stay inside body panels.
  • All bars must have a minimum thickness of .095 inch.

7. Minimum of 3 driver protection bars made of 3/8-inch bar steel in front of the driver.

8. Must have racing seat, 5-point harness, window net, DOT approved helmet, and full racing suit must be worn at all times during race.

9. Must have tow chains on front and rear of car capable of lifting car.

10. Must have front and rear bumpers. No sharp edges or protruding bumpers allowed.

11. No radios and no mirrors allowed.

12. Each car must have a working fire extinguisher.

13. Battery must be mounted securely in a marine style box or racing style battery mount.

14. Must have functional brakes on all four wheels.

15. No modifying of suspension or frame.

16. Front shocks stock mount in stock location. Racing shocks and springs are allowed.

  • Tubular uppers are allowed, but must be stock length from ball joint to cross shaft.

 17.REAR ENDS: Stock, Ford 9 inch, and floater will be permitted.
  • Weight jacks in rear of the car will are allowed.
  • Stock upper and lower trailing arms only.
  • Bearing end racing shocks allowed in rear, in stock location, no canister style shocks.
  • Racing springs allowed.

18.  Engine and transmission may be mounted solid, but in stock location, with #1 spark plug in-line with upper ball joint. No engine set-back.

 19. May run headers.

20. Any production cast-iron cylinder head allowed.
  • No aftermarket cylinder heads.
  • No porting or polishing on heads.
  • Max valve size: 2.02-1.6

 21. Factory aluminum or cast-iron intake allowed; May run aftermarket dual, plain, performer-style, low rise intake with the use of a 4412 Holley 500 carburetor. No Air Gap intakes.

22. Gas is the only fuel allowed.

23. Hydraulic cams only, with a max lift of .460. No roller rocker or roller tips allowed.

24. Flat-top or dished pistons only. 361 cubic inch limit. 49 lb., or heavier, crankshaft is required. Absolutely no stroked, or de-stroked, engines.

 25. Stock ignition only. No MSD boxes or similar kind of box and no magnetos.

26.  No dry-sump oil coolers allowed.

27. Stock transmission only. Automatic must use stock converter and Manual must use single disc clutch only. No direct drives.

28. Maximum 8-inch, steel wheels only – bead-lock optional. 1-inch lug nuts required.

29. 60-70 series DOT tires only. May run E-mod, D, AS, A, H, or H-500 Hoosier Tires.

30. Minimum weight 3200 lbs.

31. Quick-steer is allowed.

 32. All cars must have 18-inch, or larger, visible numbers on the passenger side and roof.


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