Pit Area Rules

A. Each person entering the pit area must have a current valid pit license or have purchased a one night license at an additional fee. Each person who drives a car on the track at any time must have a pit license Persons purchasing a pit license must present a state driver's license or ID card (minors must have their birth certificate) and fill out the required paperwork which includes a completed Irrevocable and Unconditional Release and Waiver of Liability,

B. Each person entering the pit area for a racing event must purchase a daily event pit pass.
Minors (a person under 18) may be admitted into the pit area, provided they are always supervised by a parent or legally court appointed guardian and all required waivers are signed by a parent or legal guardian. No Exceptions, Minors may also enter the pits unaccompanied If notarized parental consent paperwork has been filed with the track. A legal birth certificate is also required to be on file with the
track before entrance by a minor to the pit area is allowed.

D. When a regular racing program is ended prematurely due to inclement weather, power interruption, etc., participants will be paid full prize money and awarded the related points for every completed event. A race will be considered complete if at least 50% of the scheduled laps are run before the race is halted. When a race program is ended prematurely, the pit pass fee will be considered "used" if all heat races have been completed. If all heat races are not completed, the pit pass may be used by the individual to whom it was issued for pit admission to the next scheduled regular race event at no charge.

E. All drivers that are competing for prize money must have a completed W-9 form on file, No prize money will be issued until then. A driver must officially complete one lap to receive prize money from a race. Prize money will be paid out by Company Check at the pit office front window at each event after the races results have become official,

F. A car can only compete for prize money in one division per event. If a driver's primary vehicle is damaged after practice or qualifying to the extent it cannot compete further at the event, a replacement car will not be allowed.

G. Designated parking locations in the pit area can be reserved for the season at a monetary rate determined by Movieland Speedpark. Pit spots are limited to one racecar and one tow vehicle/trailer. Each pit spot is a self-contained area with no electrical outlet, water lines, etc. provided. Each pit spot is to be free of trash, parts, tires, etc. after each race event. Failure to comply may result in fines. Car owner is responsible for any damage to pit area, Pit spot may be sublet or transferred, pending approval by management. All racecars in pit area must be parked to insure their easy movement and access to the racing surface. Movieland Speedpark reserves the right to change rules regarding entrance and/or parking of vehicles in the pit area should space limitations make the movement of racecars difficult or should safety conditions require a change,

H. No competitors may take any vehicles other than race cars onto the race track at any time. Movieland
Speedpark assumes no responsibility for property taken into the pits by a signed-in participant before or during a race event. The pit area is closed to all vehicles except the race car and the tow vehicle (or hauler) to which the race car is attached when it enters the pits. No mechanically powered push or personal transportation vehicles, tractors, ATV's, scooters, etc, are allowed in the pit area except for
electric wheelchairs. Exceptions may apply if approved by Movieland Speedpark.

I. The pit area speed limit is approximately 5MPH.

J. Fuel in the pit area must be in the fuel tank of the racecar or in containers of no more than a 5-gallon
capacity that are approved for the transportation of fuel. Movieland Speedpark reserves the right to require a participant to remove certain fuel containers from the pit area, and all other property under its control, when those containers in any way present an unusual hazard. No fuel can be dumped on the ground and all unused fuel must leave with the participant upon exiting the pit area. Racing fuel is available at Movieland Speedpark.

K. Engine oil, rear end lubricant and all other oil-based liquids must be disposed of in the designated
container in the pit area or taken back home. No oil can be dumped on the ground.

L. No tires can be left on any Movieland Speedpark property. If tires are left, management will impose a

M. Any items deemed illegal in competition can be confiscated by management and not returned to the participant. Non-compliance will disqualify the participant from that event and/or any further competition. Management reserves the right to not allow into the pit area any tires, wheels, fuel or other
racing equipment not allowed in the rules.

N. The pit area can be closed no sooner than one hour after the end of the last racing event. Participants must remove all property, including racecars, from the track, pits, and parking lots. Movieland Speedpark takes no responsibility for any property, race vehicles and/or equipment or other personal property left in the pit and track area. Management has the right to remove racecars, equipment, etc. from Movieland Speedpark property at the owner's expense.