Cruiser Rules

1. Drivers Compartment must be completely sealed

2. Aftermarket Body is legal

3. Aftermarket Nose is legal

4. Spoilers are legal 8" max

5. Racing Wheels are legal 8" max

6. DOT or Hoosier modified tires only

7. All suspension mounts and locations must remain stock except upper A arm mounts, tubular upper and lower A arms are legal

8. Trailing arms must be stock

9. Wedge bolts are legal

10. Shocks can be relocated

11. 9" Ford rear ends are legal and can be locked

12. Quick steer is legal

13. 361 Cubic Inch Limit

14. No stroking or de-stroking

15. Flat top or dished pistons only

16. 460 max cam lift, must be hydraulic

17. Any 23 Degree cast iron head is legal

18. Porting and polishing is legal

19. 4412-carburetor only 4412 will be gauged

20. If you run a factory sealed 602 crate engine you can run any 4-barrel carburetor

21. The 602-engine must remain stock with factory valve covers and factory distributor

22. Any transmission is legal

23. The number one spark plug must not be any further back than the upper ball joints.