General Rules (Revised December 2018)

A. Movieland Speedpark posts rules with the intention of providing fair, safe and equal racing conditions for all participants, as well as a safe and entertaining program for fans who attend. These rules are effective for 2019 and may be revised at any time. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a conduct guide of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

B. Each participant is expected to understand these rules. By purchasing a pit pass, each participant agrees to abide by these rules and to accept the decision and direction of Movieland Speedpark officials in the enforcement of these rules. The participant, under those conditions, is expected to understand the rules of the proper sanctioning body. Each participant agrees to protect, to the best of their ability, the property and good reputation of the track. Movieland Speedpark is private property.

Any person entering onto this property without the permission of management will be considered a trespasser and will be subject to the penalties for trespassing, as prescribed by Indiana law. A pit license gives the participant the authority and right to be on the property for racing activities. Management reserves the right to revoke and cancel this authority at any time it decides the participant's presence or conduct is not in the best interests of the track, its other participants,
its fans, and/or its employees.

D. Movieland Speedpark management has the ultimate authority for the interpretation and enforcement of these rules. Management reserves the right to revoke the Movieland Speedpark license, to suspend indefinitely and/or to levy a fine against any participant who displays unsportsmanlike conduct. Competitors who are suspended may forfeit all prize money and points for the event. This decision is final and no appeal is possible

E. Each track official is responsible for the enforcement of all rules fairly and equally towards all participants.

No official, employee, or agent of the track can give physical assistance (except as outlined here) to any competitor during any race event. A competitor can be disqualified from any event in which he or she has received such assistance. A wrecker and/or track official may lift a car off another car, lift a car off the wall, or assist in the separation of two or more cars locked together. The wrecker or officials can assist in performing necessary work to clear the track and/or avoid additional damage to cars. If the assisted car is to continue in the race, It must leave the scene under its own power or be pushed by another racecar. A racecar pushed off or removed from the track by a wrecker may not return to a race.

F. Each participant is expected to have inspected the pit area, racetrack, race procedures and race conditions, previous to his or her participation. If, in their opinion, conditions are unsafe, he or she should not participate. Each participant is expected to understand and anticipate the potential dangers inherent on the track and in the pit area and to be alert to prevent injury to one's self and others.

G. Participants are expected to observe all Federal, State, & City laws/ordinances while on the property.

H. Each person signing into the pit area is expected to conduct him or herself in a sportsmanlike manner.

Sportsmanlike conduct by a participant includes: NO verbal abuse and NO behavior threatening violence of any kind; NO use of alcoholic beverages before or during a racing event; NO possession of prohibited illegal substances or weapons of any kind; Respect for Movieland Speedpark officials and a willingness to accept their decisions and directions; NO public-address system interviews, display of signs, or painting on racecars that use obscenity, or profanity, or are considered in bad taste. No participant may bash or make negative comments about Movieland Speedpark, its owners, sponsors or it employees on social media. Anyone caught doing so could have their competition license revoked for the season. No participant may enter onto the track surface or the designated emergency areas outside the track at the
track gates without permission of a track official.

1. A state certified ambulance and experienced emergency medical technicians will be on duty to provide immediate emergency treatment to injuries sustained in accidents on the track or in the pit area.

J. Participants must report any injury sustained in the pit area or on the track to the ambulance technicians
immediately. Participants are expected to follow the instructions of ambulance personnel relative to future involvement in racing activities and/or the necessity of transportation to the hospital for examination. Any participant who chooses to ignore the directions of ambulance personnel does so at their own peril. Ambulance technicians will make an injury record to document the assistance provided to a participant, or any other person, in attendance on the property who is seeking medical assistance. No Movieland Speedpark official, ambulance or security personnel or participant can make any representation of responsibility by Movieland Speedpark or any medical services provided off the Movieland Speedpark premises.

Any driver injured in the pit area or on the track whose injuries require hospital medical services shall be required to obtain a written physician's release to resume racing. K. Anyone caught fighting on Movieland Speedpark property will be suspended and/or fined. The suspension length and amount of fine will be dealt out by management. The person will not be allowed on Movieland Speedpark property, unless approved by management, until the fine is paid. Only after the fine is paid in full, then the start of the suspension period will begin. Each person signing into the pit area is expected to be free from the possession, use, and sale of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia at all times. Management reserves the right to require any participant to produce documentation from a physician licensed in the State of Indiana certifying that the participant is independent and free of illegal drugs. Movieland Speedpark may require a random drug or alcohol test within 72 hours at any time of anyone on the Movieland Speedpark property.

Anyone refusing such tests will be suspended indefinitely. M. No person shall carry in any food or drink to the pit area or grandstand. Movieland Speedpark provides concession stand services. Any or all bags or containers may be inspected for food/drink when entering the grandstand area. Participants may bring in items inside their trailer or tow vehicle, but NO food/drink may be carried in or delivered.